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specialist Dr. Ken Moadel provides the safest LASIK with Intralase technology. If you are seeking lasik eye surgery in New York, contact us.
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If you are one of the many New Yorkers seeking LASIK in Manhattan please contact us. See why over tens of thousands of people have made Dr. Moadel their New York LASIK surgeon of choice.

Doctor Ken Moadel LASIK Financing Affordable LASIK is HERE. Ask about LASIK as LOW as $35.00 per month
Blade-Free LASIK NYC.
New York Eye Specialists is the Choice of NY celebrities
New York Eye Specialists

Dr. Moadel has performed over 50,000 surgeries and is regarded as one of New York City's premier LASIK eye surgeons. Bernie Williams NY Baseball Star Centerfielder, Curt Menefee, of Fox 5 News Sports and even other ophthalmologists have come to Dr. Moadel for clear vision.

Dr. Ken Moadel
LASIK Laser Eye Surgery New York City

    LASIK Eye Surgery in Manhattan, New York

New York Eye Specialists is excited to offer the very best and safest LASIK. After 50,000 successful LASIK eye surgeries Dr. Moadel is pleased to have played a major role in helping New York City see better. Dr. Moadel has both the educational and procedure experience to put your nerves at rest. Not only does New York Eye Specialists have an experienced and safe surgeon but we understand the importance of making LASIK in NYC affordable. New York Eye Specialists

If you are interested in information regarding other eye care procedures do not hesitate to call us or visit the very informative, one of the most comprehensive sources for eye care information on the Internet. We hope to see you soon!

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