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LASIK New York City
Lasik Eye Surgery

If you are seeking LASIK in New York, why wait? Call us today! We offer free consultations with our world reknowned surgeon, Dr. Moadel. We also offer the latest in technology including Custom LASIK, PRK, Wavefront LASIK, and Bladeless LASIK. Laser Vision Correction Manhattan

LASIK New York City

Dr. Moadel has performed over 60,000 surgeries and is regarded as one of New York City’s premier lasik eye surgeons. Bernie Williams NY Yankees Star Centerfielder, Curt Menefee, of Fox 5 News Sports and even other ophthalmologists have come to Dr. Moadel for clear vision. Dr. Ken Moadel

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Why Choose Us
New York Eye Specialists

The doctors, patients and staff of NewYork Eye Specialists are confident that we provide one of the most accurate, safest, and reliable solutions for laser vision correction in New York City. Dr. Moadel's vast experience and pioneering spirit has brought him several accolades that may be of interest. Below are some of the reasons to come see us for a FREE patient evaluation regarding LASIK vision correction.

  • Experience. Experience. Experience. With a track record of over 43,000 surgeries performed and ten years of specialization in laser vision correction, Dr. Moadel is one of the most experienced surgeons in the U.S. Patients have traveled from as far as Japan, South America and Europe to access Dr. Moadel’s surgical skills and expert care. Patients choose Dr. Moadel for his vast experience and expertise as a surgeon.

  • Reputation of Excellence. Over many years of practice, Dr. Moadel has established a national reputation of expertise, ethics and excellence amongst his colleagues. For this reason, dozens of doctors and Lasik specialists have chosen him as their surgeon to treat their own and their family members’ eyes. All-star baseball player Bernie Williams chose Dr. Moadel from amongst all surgeons in the US to correct his multi-million dollar eyes.

  • Personalized Care. Rather than delegating most parts of a patient’s care or surgery to other less qualified individuals, De. Moadel is personally involved in your care.

  • Focus. Dr. Moadel owns and runs a highly specialized practice which only performs laser vision correction. Laser vision correction has been his only focus since the practice was founded in 1995. Dr. Moadel is a corneal specialist and has dedicated his entire career to improving the lives of thousands of patients through laser vision correction.

  • Conservatism. It is common for patients who are found to be Lasik candidates elsewhere to be determined non-candidates by our practice. We turn away roughly one-third of patients who come for Lasik evaluation.

  • Stability. With laser centers opening and closing regularly, patients can feel confident that they are being treated by an established and stable practice.

  • Technology. Dr. Moadel readily acquires the latest and most advanced technology for his practice. We have several lasers from different manufacturers to further ensure even more accurate results for our patients. We offer the latest “bladel.ess” lasik and CustomVue technology

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