LASIK Testimonials

"Make sure you see the best. Make sure you see Dr. Ken Moadel."

Bernie Williams NY Star Centerfielder
Clear Vision Provided by Dr. Moadel


"Dr. Moadel is the only surgeon that I would trust to correct my vision. His skill experience made him my obvious choice."

James Kelly, M.D. Board Certified LASIK Surgeon

Curt Menefee, Fox 5 News Sports Anchorman
Vision Corrected by Dr. Ken Moadel


Breezing thru the newspaper on fine spring day
In the lovely Month of May -

I noticed Dr. Moadel's Lasik Eye Surgery ad
And said to myself...AHH! It's just another crazy fad -

For many years I've been blind as a bat
Even though my glasses were think... But cute at that -

But, my curiosity got the best of me and
I made an appointment at half past three -

I rushed to his office and met with this team
Their dedication and professionalism. I was with gleam -

Was this a dream???

The procedure was done in a jiffy and a snap
I went home and took a long rested nap -

Next morning, to my surprise, when opening my big blue eyes
I could see the tiny veins on the budding leaves blooming outside -

I turned over in my cozy bed
To see my better half sleeping half dead -

I stared in amazement, as I never did see
The million of freckles on his face that were all new to me -

I woke him up with tears of excitement in my eyes
To jump for joy - surprise!! surprise!! surprise!!

So, I'll end my story that I wanted to share
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy and eye opening new year!!

The End

P.S. FYI - This is a true story

Betty Ann Stiles

Dear Ken Moadel, M.D. and Staff,

It's been a Seussical year - in lieu of the theater, and my life. I feel like a child, reborn "so to speak" that I have 20/20 vision. After 25 years. I can toss away my glasses and will never them to distinguish people, film scenes, the stars at night and generally, the world at large. So, I've created the following Dr. Suess parody and dedicate it to you for changing my world.

Thank You.

one letter
two letter
red letter
blue letter

some letters are pretty
some create a good ditty
letters make up songs
songs can right wrongs

a wrong is an imperfection
laser can make the correction
of minus one degrees
will it matter if I sneeze

oh me! oh, my!
oh me! oh, my!
what a lot of funny
lights go by!

eight buzzes are with the
strong beam force
and the strong beam force
makes up the surgery, of course

intermediate vector voice
hold my hand that's my choice
this is weird
into the light, I peered

two minutes
ten minutes
it's over now
did it all work somehow

no more blur
I can see that sir
one capital E
the next line has three

this next has a curve
two-thirds of a swerve
this one is rather large
say, what a lot of shapes there are!

from there to here
from here to there
funny words are everywhere

black ink matter
reverse type, the later
they may be clear
while others can smear

where do they come from
I can not say
but I bet they have come
a long, long way

from here to there
from there to here
funny Elementary
I can see letters are Everywhere!

Anioinette Gurevich

Dear Dr. Moadel,

Before Lasik, I could see clearly only a few inches beyond my nose. I had worn glasses since elementary school and grown accustomed to their inconveniences – fogged-up glasses, walking in the rain with a “windshield” in front of my eyes that had no wipers, swimming in the ocean without seeing the world around me and, with contact lenses (heat sterilization – ahh!), walking in the morning to what you think is a miracle - “I can see! No, I fell asleep with my contact lenses on. Again.”

Then my first child was born. It was time to have Lasik when, at daddy-daughters swim class, fearing I would lose my contact lenses underwater, I missed my daughter’s first underwater swim. What else would I miss? So, I had Lasik. At next season’s swim class, I saw my beautiful girl swimming towards me – both of us with our eyes wide open under water. In the pool, no one ever saw those proud tears welling in my eyes.

Because of Dr. Moadel, I will no longer miss the little things in life. What I couldn’t see before Lasik, I will see through my kids’ eyes – whether underwater or otherwise.

Very truly yours,
Joseph D’ Alessandro


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