New York City is a fantastic place to consume culture, experience new things, and have a ton of fun. To get the maximum enjoyment from your visit to the Big Apple, you’ll want to be able to see clearly so you can appreciate all of the scenic views and modern art that the city has to offer.

The best way to do that is by getting LASIK – a procedure that is as safe and reliable as it is life changing. Travelling with blurry vision, as you are probably aware, is no one’s idea of fun. So, here’s a quick list of experiences in NYC that can be enhanced by LASIK.

So Many Museums!
It’s no surprise that the culture capital of America has more museums than you could possibly visit in a day. Everything from the Museum of Modern Art where you can see world class pieces, to the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum where you can learn all about flight and aeronautics (did we mention it’s on an aircraft carrier?) can be found here. With so much to see, you want to make sure your vision is bringing its A-game.

Gardens and Parks Galore.
Feeling outdoorsy? Not a problem. Take a stroll through Central Park, or smell the roses at one of the many botanical gardens located within NYC. LASIK will help you appreciate every individual flower and leaf.

Visit Lady Liberty Herself.
Gifted to us by France, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886 and is one of the most recognizable American symbols. This summer, take a ferry trip and see her from a distance, or climb up to her crown and enjoy the sunset. After your LASIK surgery, this iconic NYC monument will be clearer than ever.

View the City from the Top Down.
The Empire State Building is an important part of the NYC skyline. Take a trip up to the top and see the places that you’ve already been to, and the places you have yet to visit.

Madison Square Garden has Just About Everything.
Catch anything from a concert, to a basketball game, to famous comedians. It’s a big stadium, and LASIK can make it easier to view from any seat.

Make your summer in NYC a memorable one with LASIK surgery! Call New York Eye Specialists at (888) 690-8833 or use our online scheduler to book a NYC LASIK consultation today.