Dr. Moadel has completed over 100,000 surgeries and has accumulated ten years of specialization in laser vision correction. Patients have traveled from as far as Japan, South America, and Europe to access Dr. Moadel’s surgical skills.

Personalized Care

Rather than delegating most parts of a patient’s care or surgery to others, Dr. Moadel is personally involved in your care.


Dr. Moadel utilizes advanced FDA approved LASIK technology at New York Eye Specialists including “bladeless” LASIK and CustomVue technology.


Dr. Moadel’s specialized practice is focused on performing laser vision correction procedures. Laser vision correction has been his only focus since the practice was founded in 1995. Dr. Moadel is a corneal specialist and has dedicated his entire career to improving the lives of thousands of patients through laser vision correction.


It is common for patients who are found to be LASIK candidates elsewhere to be determined non-candidates by our practice. We turn away roughly one-third of patients who come for a LASIK evaluation.

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