Bladeless LASIK

IntraLASIK is a high precision femtosecond computer controlled laser used to create a corneal flap without the use of any blade. This allows Dr. Ken Moadel to offer his patients an alternative to making a more precise corneal incision with accuracy and depth. This may be of advantage to a patient with higher prescriptions or thinner corneas in order to preserve more cornea. It also may help reduce blade related surgical complications including buttonholes in flaps and interrupted flaps.

Customvue LASIK

The Wavefront Customvue procedure tailors a unique correction for each individual patient. The Customvue captures a “digitized” image of the patient’s eye including the corneal contour. These measurements are made at a computer station known as the Wavescan. These digital images are transferred to the laser where a customized treatment is performed. A six-month evaluation has shown that Customvue improves the sharpness and decreases possible side effects.

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