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What Should I Expect At My LASIK Consultation?

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If you have an interest in getting LASIK, then your first step should be to schedule a LASIK consultation. A LASIK consultation gives you access to information about the surgery. Keep reading to learn what you should expect at a LASIK consultation!

What happens at a LASIK consultation?

A LASIK consultation tests you to make sure you are a good fit for LASIK. It’s the best opportunity for your doctor to understand the current state of your eyes.

You will discuss your health history, including any medical conditions like diabetes. You should also discuss any medications you are currently taking.

You will also talk about the realistic expectations you should have for the surgery.

What tests occur at a LASIK consultation?

The consultation takes longer than the surgery itself, usually lasting up to 3 hours. During this time, you will undergo a variety of tests and eye examinations.  Here’s a shortlist of a few of the tests you’ll encounter.

Corneal thickness test

It is important that you have enough corneal tissue to work with. Your corneal thickness is measured using pachymetry. This test can be performed using ultrasound or using an optical pachymeter.

Wavefront measurements

With Custom LASIK, wavefront technology creates a topographical map of your eye. This allows the surgeon to reshape your cornea in exactly the way that it needs to be in to achieve the best results.

Tear film analysis

If you have any problems with your tear production, it could result in dry eyes during your recovery. During LASIK, your cornea gets cut into.

This severs some nerves in the cornea. This can lead to a loss of reflexive tear production, at least temporarily. If you are already experiencing dry eye symptoms, LASIK will only make them worse. If you have dry eye, it needs to be already under control before LASIK.

Your doctor will also check for signs of blepharitis by examining your eyelids.

Dominant eye test

You can actually find out which eye is your dominant eye right now by yourself. Create a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers. Then, center the triangle around a distant object. Look at the object with both eyes open.

Then, close one eye at a time. Whichever eye that is open when the object stays in the center is your dominant eye.

What questions should I ask during my LASIK consultation?

You should ask any questions you may have during your LASIK consultation. Inquire about the things that concern you most.

This may include the length of the procedure, if it’s painful, what recovery is like, or how to properly finance it. It cannot be understated how important a solid foundation of trust is.

Even if you are not a good candidate for LASIK, you may qualify for another procedure. These are all things to discuss at your consultation. If you want freedom from glasses and contacts, your LASIK consultation is the first step!

Ready to find out if you could be a good LASIK candidate? Schedule a LASIK consultation at New York Eye Specialists in NYC today! You owe it to yourself to start your journey to visual freedom!

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