5 LASIK Misconceptions You’ve Probably Heard
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With fame comes scrutiny (or, in this case, misconception.) LASIK surgery has long been the front-runner in the world of vision correction. Its popularity grows every day, yet there are still a lot of LASIK-related myths floating around. cIt’s our personal mission to make sure the truth about LASIK gets out! Below are 5 common myths you may have heard about LASIK surgery.

“The laser can burn your eyes!”
When you picture a laser, chances are you’re thinking of something straight out of a sci-fi movie. However, the fictional “death-rays” used in Star Wars are nothing like the laser we use during LASIK surgery. The technology used during LASIK surgery emits “cool” laser energy meaning there is no heat applied directly to the eye.

“You’ll go blind!”
While LASIK is a surgical procedure and complications can occur, most LASIK risks and complications are mild and most patients have a successful procedure.  Always be sure to choose a qualified surgeon to perform your LASIK surgery to reduce your risk of complication. Dr. Moadel has performed thousands of vision correction procedures with a high success rate.

“The surgery is painful!”
During your LASIK surgery, your eyes will be completely numb. and some patients report feeling only mild discomfort during their procedure. While you will feel some pressure on your eye during the surgery, most procedures are usually  pain free.

“You’ll never have to wear glasses again!”
Although the results of LASIK surgery can last decades, there are certain age-related visual changes that LASIK cannot help. One example is presbyopia. Most people who enter their 40s and 50s will begin to notice a decline in their near vision. This is called presbyopia and has nothing to do with the cornea. Unfortunately, regardless of whether you’ve previously had LASIK surgery, you may need to wear reading glasses.

In other cases, especially those with severe refractive error, LASIK may improve vision, but not eliminate the need for glasses. Dr. Moadel will be sure to inform you of all of the possible outcomes prior to your surgery.

“You’re too old for LASIK!”
Many people are under the impression that LASIK surgery is only for people in their 20s and 30s. While those age groups make up the majority of LASIK patients, there are LASIK patients in their 40s, and some even in their 50s! Your LASIK eligibility has less to do with a number and more to do with your individual eyes. If your eyes are healthy and you are not experiencing any age-related vision disorders, you may still be able to get LASIK surgery!

If you are interested in the crisp, clear vision LASIK surgery can provide, be sure to call Dr. Moadel’s Manhattan office at 917-979-1111. Book your LASIK consultation today and you’ll be well on your way to the best vision of your life!

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