Famous NYC Natives That Have Had LASIK Surgery
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You may have heard all of the praises sung about LASIK. You may have heard how safe it is, and how effective it is, but why believe us when you can believe these celebrities? Here are 4 famous New Yorkers (three native and one honorary) who took the plunge and underwent LASIK surgery.

Barry Manilow
Born in Brooklyn, Barry Manilow is famous for his soft, angelic voice. His career has lasted more than 5 decades, with several albums going multi-platinum, and has been praised by fans and other artists alike. Bob Dylan called him “an inspiration” and Frank Sinatra famously predicted: “He’s next” when Manilow was in his 30s. Now not only can he sing perfectly, but he can see perfectly!

LASIK enhances your life in ways you never thought possible. Contact us here to set up an appointment and see what LASIK can do for you! Other musicians that have received LASIK include Elton John, Michael Bolton, Carlos Santana, and Kenny G.

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields is a famously beautiful and talented actress that has starred in an astonishing amount of films and television series. She was born and raised in Manhattan, where she quickly took off into stardom. Brooke is also famous for her unyielding strength and confidence.

LASIK gets rid of the need to wear glasses and contacts, so you can be more confident every day! Other actors/actresses that received LASIK include Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Dennis Quaid, and Reese Witherspoon.

Jimmy Fallon
Like Barry Manilow, Jimmy Fallon was born in Brooklyn. While Mr. Fallon is very musically gifted, he is actually famous for his hilarious comedy. He starred on Saturday Night Live from 1998 – 2004 and after a brief movie career, turned to hosting late night television where he currently hosts The Tonight Show. Interestingly enough, Barry Manilow has already been a musical guest on his show!

LASIK helps you see better so that you can do your job better. Jimmy said in a video of his trip to get LASIK: “[…] Because a big part of my job is to read cue cards and I have terrible vision, so I’m getting laser eye surgery”. Other comedians that have received LASIK include Drew Carey, John Goodman, Alan Thicke, and Kathy Griffin.

Patrick Ewing
Who needs LASIK more than athletes? Patrick Ewing was actually born in Jamaica, but spent a huge part of his life in NYC. He played for the New York Knicks for the majority of his career, and was considered to be the 16th greatest college player of all time by ESPN. He is a two-time gold medalist, winning them in the 1984 and 1992 Olympics. As of this year, he is coaching the Georgetown Hoyas (a team he played center for four years.)

LASIK is very beneficial to anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Professional athletes from all over the world choose to receive laser correction surgery to give them the edge they need to be competitive. Other athletes that have received LASIK include LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Dwayne Wade, and Tiki Barber.

If you’re ready to lead a life with clear vision, don’t hesitate to join the millions of people who have chosen LASIK. Here at New York Eye Specialists, we combine eye care with excellence. Contact our Manhattan location today to schedule your LASIK consultation.

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