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3 Tips For LASIK Financing

Man reviewing the cost of LASIK

You may have heard of the incredible effect on your lifestyle LASIK can have. Not having to deal with the struggles of wearing glasses can be a liberating experience.

But just because you want something doesn’t always mean that it can fit your budget. With the average price of over $2,000 per eye, LASIK may not seem to be a workable luxury for many people.

The truth is, LASIK is expensive for good reasons. There is a huge amount of money put into the research, training, and technology behind LASIK.

This is also what makes LASIK as safe and effective as it is. If you ever see a doctor offering a deal on LASIK that sounds too good to be true, you should be very skeptical.

While it may seem hard to believe, the good news is, there are some ways to help LASIK fit into your budget! Keep reading for 3 tips on LASIK financing!

1. FSAs

The first thing you should do when financing for LASIK is to check with your employer to see if they offer an FSA. A flexible spending account is a special savings program.

This program allows you to set aside money for medical expenses not covered by insurance. LASIK is only one example of what you could use an FSA for.

With an FSA, you put part of your paycheck into the account. Then when the money is withdrawn for eligible purposes, you are not taxed on said money.

This means you save whatever percentage your income tax is on your LASIK procedure!

There are a couple of things you should know about FSAs before you start asking around. First of all, many FSAs are capped at a certain yearly limit.

For most, this means that you may have to pay for part of your LASIK procedure out of pocket. Second, FSAs do not roll over and any unspent money you have left in the account will be lost.
Make sure to plan well if you intend to use one.

2. HSAs

HSAs, or health savings accounts, function a little like FSAs with a few key differences. While FSAs are only offered through your employer, you can get an HSA through the government.

HSAs do, in fact, rollover, meaning you will not have to worry about losing money. This does mean that not everyone can get an HSA, as they are generally reserved for those who need them most.

3. Payment Plans

The simplest way to fit a large expense into your budget is to break it up into smaller pieces. At New York Eye Specialists, we proudly accept CareCredit.

This is a medical credit card that allows you to pay for a wide variety of medical expenses. The best thing about CareCredit is you can pay interest-free!

Wondering if you may be a good LASIK candidate? Ask about CareCredit and other ways to finance LASIK during a LASIK consultation!

Schedule yours at New York Eye Specialists in New York City today! Aren’t you ready to say goodbye to glasses and contacts, and hello to permanent visual freedom?

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