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Tag: LASIK Manhattan

How Long After Nursing Do I Have To Wait To Have LASIK?

Woman with baby

LASIK is a safe elective procedure. This is because of the precautions surgeons take to ensure the success of the operation. To receive LASIK, you must meet its qualifications and be a good candidate for the procedure. Keep reading to learn more about LASIK candidacy factors and how pregnancy plays a role! Pregnancy and LASIK […]

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What Should I Expect At My LASIK Consultation?

Happy woman hands on her hips

If you have an interest in getting LASIK, then your first step should be to schedule a LASIK consultation. A LASIK consultation gives you access to information about the surgery. Keep reading to learn what you should expect at a LASIK consultation! What happens at a LASIK consultation? A LASIK consultation tests you to make […]

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Are You Prepared For LASIK?

Woman wearing a hat outside

Preparing yourself for surgery like LASIK can be overwhelming. The first step to getting prepared for LASIK is scheduling a LASIK consultation. But if you want an idea of what to expect at your consultation and the day of your procedure, keep reading! Getting Ready Before LASIK Before you come into the office for your […]

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3 Ways You Can Make LASIK Affordable

Couple wearing sunglasses outside

Steer clear from anyone promising deals on LASIK that sound too good to be true. The expertise behind good refractive surgery is expensive for a reason. Your eyesight is a critical component of who you are and needs to be safe. Not everyone can afford the average price of $2,000 per eye adjusted with LASIK. […]

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Can I Get LASIK If I Have Cataracts?

Older couple playing ping pong

While LASIK and cataract surgery share a goal of restoring your vision, they do it in different ways. Cataract surgery helps you reclaim your vision after losing it to cataracts. LASIK cannot restore your vision if you have cataracts. It can correct refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. But cataract surgery does not […]

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