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Category: Uncategorized

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Young woman in sunglasses outside

Buying the right sunglasses is key to protecting your vision from harmful sunlight. By far, the most important thing is making sure your sunglasses are 100% UV protected. Wearing unprotected sunglasses is worse for your eyes than not wearing sunglasses. This is because your pupils dilate in dark situations to allow more light in. With […]

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Why Do I Need A LASIK Consultation?

Young woman looking out over NYC

To undergo LASIK, you first need to be considered a “good LASIK candidate”. This is to make sure that the procedure will be safe for you. Part of what makes LASIK so successful are the factors that go into LASIK candidacy. This includes excluding many patients that don’t fit what makes a good LASIK patient. […]

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What Should I Eat For My Best Vision?

Healthy Foods

There are a lot of things you can do to protect and maintain your vision. Cutting back on unhealthy choices like drinking and smoking is a good place to start. So is wearing the correct safety eyewear and sunglasses that are UV protected. One thing that people overlook the most? Their diet! Not eating the […]

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What To Expect After You Have LASIK

Looking up at a happy group of people

LASIK is a successful surgery designed to improve your vision and free you from glasses! But it is a surgery, which means that there is still a recovery time associated with it. Recovery from LASIK isn’t complicated and is mostly painless. At most, it means you have to put in a little extra effort to […]

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How Long After Nursing Do I Have To Wait To Have LASIK?

Woman with baby

LASIK is a safe elective procedure. This is because of the precautions surgeons take to ensure the success of the operation. To receive LASIK, you must meet its qualifications and be a good candidate for the procedure. Keep reading to learn more about LASIK candidacy factors and how pregnancy plays a role! Pregnancy and LASIK […]

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7 Tips For Treating Dry Eyes At Home

Man using eye drops

You don’t have to live with dry eye. No matter how long you’ve had it, chances are there is something you can do to improve your situation. If your dry eye isn’t severe, try some of these at home tips! Keep reading to learn how you can keep your dry eye symptoms under control! 1. Buy […]

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What Should I Expect At My LASIK Consultation?

Happy woman hands on her hips

If you have an interest in getting LASIK, then your first step should be to schedule a LASIK consultation. A LASIK consultation gives you access to information about the surgery. Keep reading to learn what you should expect at a LASIK consultation! What happens at a LASIK consultation? A LASIK consultation tests you to make […]

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3 Tips For LASIK Financing

Money and accounts

You may have heard of the incredible effect on your lifestyle LASIK can have. Not having to deal with the struggles of wearing glasses can be a liberating experience. But just because you want something doesn’t always mean that it can fit your budget. With the average price of over $2,000 per eye, LASIK may […]

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Are You Prepared For LASIK?

Woman wearing a hat outside

Preparing yourself for surgery like LASIK can be overwhelming. The first step to getting prepared for LASIK is scheduling a LASIK consultation. But if you want an idea of what to expect at your consultation and the day of your procedure, keep reading! Getting Ready Before LASIK Before you come into the office for your […]

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What Is A Pterygium?

Woman on the beach with a surfboard

The UV light, particularly from a strong source like the sun, can do an extraordinary amount of damage to the eyes. It can lead to developing cataracts, macular degeneration, and sunburn on your cornea. One negative effect of sunlight on your eyes is a growth known as a pterygium. Keep reading to learn more about […]

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